Carrot Cake Cookies! Mix dry ingredients first.
I like to use the quick 1 min. oats.
and pro tip: use vanilla pudding mix to make cookies extra moist and delicious!
then just the rest of your typical ingredients. I like to use cake flour in my cookies but if you can't find it, using all purpose is OK!
they will turn out just fine:)
whisk it all together!
eggs + egg yolks. The extra egg yolks promises a chewy and tender cookie
i also use more brown sugar than white sugar. the brown sugar helps to create a soft and chewy cookie
i use cold butter, not softened butter. I take it straight from the fridge, no need to wait for it to soften or need to chill cookie dough
add butter to a stand mixer and cream with sugars
standard cookie procedure here: add in eggs and vanilla extract after butter and sugars are creamed
tip to grate carrots: use a microplane zester to make fine shreds. this adds moisture to cookies
if you dont have that use a box grater and use the small holes.
do not use the matchstick carrots! be sure to grate your own :)
add carrots in!
gradually add in dry ingredients. Mixer on low speed so flour doesn't fly everywhere.
you can add in raisins or walnuts at this point too if you prefer!
dough is a little sticky. use a cookie scoop or a little flour on your hands to shape them. Makes ~12 cookies
took 13 minutes in our oven. Let cool and make cream cheese frosting!