let's make my Grammie's rolls!
Heat water to 110°F.
add in 3 tsp. sugar
and 3 packets of active dry yeast
give it a gentle whisk.
set a timer for 10 min.
allow yeast to activate
heat milk to 105-115°F
and melt butter in milk
will be adding activated yeast to this
WARM milk.
do not let it boil or get too hot.
too hot of milk will kill the yeast
and dough will not rise so be sure
to use a thermometer to check
the temperature
this is 5 minutes in and you can
already see the yeast is activating.
add yeast into the milk
8 cups of flour. you need
a large bowl (I use an 8 QT bowl)
1 cup flour = ~130g
mix flour, salt & sugar
pour the yeast/milk mixture into
dry ingredients & stir
add in 2 eggs
dough will be sticky!
that's OK! It's good.
fold the dough over
itself ~8 times or until it
begins to come together
once again it is sticky,
so some dough will stick to your fingers!
cover with plastic wrap
let rise for 2 hours on the counter
here is what it looks like ~1 hour in
rising beautifully
what dough looks like after 2 hours.
measure out dough balls 75g each
use a little flour on your hands.
not too much. just a little.
use a lightly floured surface to
make dough into knots.
roll into ~6 inch snake
tie into a simple knot
tie into a knot like so
recipe makes ~25 rolls.
you will need 2 baking sheets.
proof uncovered 30 min
bake 375°F 14-15 min
fresh out of the oven!
while they are hot, you can spread
softened butter on them
and sprinkle with
flaky salt!
dig in!