how to spoon & level flour.
I do this for
all of my cookie recipes!
blotting out the excess
moisture in the pumpkin
- important step! -
please don't skip.
you will need about
7-10 paper towels.
this helps the overall
texture of the cookies
and helps to
make them chewy
here is what it will look
like post blotting.
More dense
whisk together sugars
and wet ingredients
fold in dry ingredients
add in white chocolate chips!
chill dough in
fridge for 30 minutes
"hey Siri, set a timer
for 30 minutes"
this recipe makes
~8, 3.5 oz.
roll cookies in
cinnamon/sugar mixture
gently press cookies
down just a little
sprinkle with a little
more cinnamon &
sugar for good measure
9-10 min.
top with more
white chocolate when they
come out of the oven
no stand mixer required
oh yes, they sparkle too ;)