these are the
udon noodles I buy!
This is what the mirin
I use looks like.
See recipe notes
for substitutions.
I shortcut steam
my broccoli in the microwave
5 minutes! Easy-peasy
all the sauce ingredients.
It looks like a lot,
but most *should*
be pantry staples!
whisk in a bowl, mason jar
or a measuring cup!
heat 1 Tbsp. of sauce
in non stick pan. Add in carrots
+ bell peppers
sauce makes ~1 cup.
You might not need ALL
of it for the noodles.
Add in ~1/2 cup at first
and then add more as desired.
then all you do is add
in the cooked udon noodles
& steamed broccoli
add in sauce, taste,
add more sauce if needed
and garnish with
sesame seeds
yummy as is, or with
your favorite protein