Learn how to make THE BEST fried rice!
Pro-tip #1:
Use cold rice
Leftover take out rice, rice you cooked the night before are fine.
You can also cook the rice 1-1.5 hours ahead of time.
Just spread hot rice out (uncovered) on a plate in the fridge for 1 hour.
Pro-Tip #2:
Use a hot pan
Pro-tip #3:
Don't skimp on fat
The recipe calls for just enough to add flavor without adding heft
Pro-tip #4:
Prep all your ingredients ahead of time.
The recipe goes quick and you won't have time to chop or measure while cooking.
Pro-tip #5:
Use the lime juice and sesame oil at the end.
Sesame oil = adds savory umami
Lime juice = brings out the flavors
Thanks for watching! Hope you LOVE the recipe!
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